More live interviews from So What Music Fest?!?! We knew you'd want 'em! In this episode, Mikey Sawyer (vocals), Josh Kikta (guitar), and Michael Skaggs (bass), of the band Miss Fortune join Ian to talk about their careers, new music, and so much more!

It was the first time in over two years that Miss Fortune played together on the opening night of So What?! Listen in on how it felt to perform live again as well as plans for future new music! 

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Thank you to Mikey Sawyer, Josh Kikta, and Michael Skaggs for coming on the show! While the guys are touring and working on a new album, make sure to check out their debut album 'A Spark To Believe'! You won't regret it! 

Lastly, thanks again to all the hard working people at So What Music Fest for having Ian Hates Music! Don't forget to check out this great, yearly event!

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