Let's continue with the lost, live interviews from So What?! Music Fest! In this episode, Ben English (vocals) and Trey Celaya (drums) of Texas metalcore band Invent, Animate join Ian to talk about their careers, touring, music, and so much more! 

Invent, Animate is another great metalcore band you need to check out! They're going on two, separate, tours coming up with Ghost Key and Gideon, and then a Canadian tour with Northlane! Make sure to see them live if you can!

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Much thanks to Kathleen for setting this interview up and of course, big thanks to Ben English and Trey Celaya for coming on the show! They're working on new music now, but to tide you over, make sure to check out their newest album 'Stillworld'!

Lastly, thanks again to all the hard working people at So What Music Fest for having Ian Hates Music! Don't forget to check out this great, yearly event!

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