It’s time for a brand new episode of Ian Hates Music! James is back, Ian is still not 100% after being sick for a week and a half, but as Fronz says “It Is What It Is”, so you may hear his voice give out every once in while (lucky you!)…The guys have all the fun scene news and some not so fun as well, so, you know what to do!

Get ready for your best weekly dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, hardcore, electronicore, emo, screamo, rock, alternative, pop-punk, punk, easycore, deathcore, nu-metal, and really, all the core you could ever want!

It's another FUCKING GREAT, FUCKING FREE (NSFW) episode of Ian Hates Music you say?!?! That's right! Ian and James talk your scene news from:

The Ghost Inside, Ozzy, Breaking Benjamin, Marilyn Manson, A Day To Remember, Warped Tour, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, The Word Alive, Blessthefall, Wage War, and a serious conversation (on a comedy show) about sexual misconduct/assault accusations in the scene. This is not a conversation about who is “right” and who is “wrong”. This conversation does not choose sides and does not expect you to either. It is an analytical conversation, all speculation, all opinion, on the current state of accusations that happen to take place in the scene. If you like an open conversation with no judgements that may actually be thought provoking, then this conversation is for you. If not, you can skip it and go on to New Songs. The entertainment show, known as Ian Hates Music, is normally a comedy show, but the co-hosts try to be open and honest and sometimes that means covering the big stories that involve a sensitive nature.

And New Songs talk from:

Born A New, Low Dose, AngelMaker, Whitechapel, Dayshell, Harm, Life Itself, The Damned Things, Our Last Night, New Idea Society, Belle, The Anchor, and Charlatan!

Add on album reviews from:

  • Attila - Villain - Self-Release

  • ExitWounds - Visions - EP - SharpTone Records

  • Blood Youth - Starve - Rude Records

  • Boundaries - My Body In Bloom - EP - Unbeaten Records

  • To the Rats and Wolves - Cheap Love - Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast Records

  • Minors - Abject Bodies - Holy Roar/Deathwish Records

  • Deadships - D.O.A. - Stay Sick Recordings

  • Ghost Iris - Apple of Discord - SPV/Long Branch Records

Plus, stuff and/or things and maybe some more!

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