Now I get to say something I never thought I’d get to say, Ryo Kinoshita, the lead vocalist for Japanese metal band Crystal Lake, is the featured guest on this episode of Ian Hates Conversations: Music Edition!

Ryo and Crystal Lake are finishing up their first tour in America before heading back overseas for more touring. They also released their brand new album ‘Helix’ through SharpTone Records recently with a lot of acclaim and praise. Rightfully so, it’s a favorite of Ian’s.

Ryo takes time out to be on Ian Hates Conversations before another live show to talk about touring, Helix, and more, so check it out!

You may not know this, but English is not Ryo’s first language, so it was very cool for Ian to catch up with him on the phone, though not being able to see each other while talking does make it even more impressive that Ryo was able to join the show. If you know Ian’s past shows, you’ll know he changed his cadence a bit and slowed down his speaking speed to make things easier.

Make sure to support Ryo and Crystal Lake by following the links below:

Huge thanks to Ryo for taking time out of his extremely busy touring schedule to come on Ian Hates Conversations: Music Edition. Hopefully Crystal Lake will return to the US for more touring in the future. Make sure you check them out, pick up a copy of ‘Helix’, and continue the support!

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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