Welcome everyone to the Ian Hates Warped Tour Conversations! 

I know it's not summer anymore and that means the touring Warped Tour has ended (perhaps forever), but hey, it takes a while to get these episodes out, haha. Also, why put out Warped Tour material when everyone else was doing it at the same time? Not talking about Warped Tour all the time helps you miss it! Distance makes the heart grow stronger or something else emo like that...

Anyway, Ian loves Warped Tour and this was the first year he was able to do in-person Warped Tour interviews! All interviews took place at the Mansfield date of Warped Tour on July 27th at the Xfinity Center. Ian was also not told what interviews he had until he showed up at the venue. That brought a lot of excitement, haha. For more information, you can listen to the Ian Hates Warped Tour Recap Special. But, to be brief, festival interviews are much different than what Ian normally does on Ian Hates Conversations. Everyone is put in one room. Everyone is talking at the same time. You're in a rush, both interviewer and band because you have a time limit and set times to get to. AND, there are bands playing right outside the room! Haha. The only reason you need to know all this is to, of course, set the mood, but also so you realize why these are live, raw, and unedited! 

The first conversation of the day was Patty Walters of As It Is!

Check the interview out and make sure to support Patty and As It Is by following the links below:

Many thanks to Patty for taking the time out from the busy and tiring Warped Tour schedule to be on Ian Hates Warped Tour Conversations! Also, a huge thanks go to all the staff on Warped Tour for giving me this opportunity.

Ian will always be Forever Warped.

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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