Warped Tour has been a staple in the scene since before it was called a "scene". It was also one of Ian's favorite times of the year, every year. With Warped tour ending, Ian wanted to get some old favorites together to go over their different experiences at this year's final run.

A big thank you goes to everyone who's ever worked a Warped Tour date and this year, a special thank you goes to Becky for helping Ian with interviews and press. It was amazing. Warped Tour has to be the most difficult tour to put on and it's often done in extreme conditions. My hat goes off to everyone involved. Ian Hates Music will always miss Warped Tour.

Ian Hates will always be Forever Warped. 

Note: Obviously, Ian jokes around on the show and this episode is no different, even though Ian truly loves Warped Tour. It was fun getting some of the guys together, but this episode doesn't always go quite as expected, haha. In fact, there's no official end and there are a couple more hours that will be released later since the guys go completely off-topic!

Also, this episode is uncensored, unedited, and comes complete with someone's dogs barking that never shut the fuck up! But, the guys wanted something rawer, something more, well, Warped, just a hangout between friends talking Warped Tour and the music they love (and some they don't, haha).

Stay tuned for more!

Long days and pleasant nights Warped Tour.

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