Joe Taylor, the lead vocalist for Nu-metal/progressive rock band Versus, joins Ian Hates Music Conversation Edition! The new album 'The Cardinal' comes out on Friday, March 3rd, through Revival Recordings!

Joe fights through pneumonia to speak to Ian in this episode but still manages to go over his life in music, touring, what 'The Cardinal' means to the band, and the band's message.

'The Cardinal' is a really great album, so make sure you pre-order it or pick it up during the first week! You know how important first week sales are AND Versus will be donating $1 to a suicide prevention charity for every album sold! Follow these links to support Versus:

Thanks to Joe Taylor for coming on the show even with pneumonia! If you live in the Seattle area, Versus is playing an album release show on March 4th! If you can make it, Ian would highly recommend it!

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