Now we all know that sequels rarely live up to the original, but turns out that rule doesn't apply here and you'll see why! Get ready for The Ongoing Concept's Dawson Scholz: Reloaded...

Ian and Dawson enjoyed their first conversation so much they couldn't stop. Lucky for you, they were also recording. They continue their talk about the new The Ongoing Concept album 'Places', one of the best albums of 2017 by the way, but also skew to MANY other topics including Warped Tour, Star Wars, and much more! There are a few technical difficulties, but you'll know when and Dawson switches from wifi to phone as well. But, none of that will stop you from enjoying this great conversation!

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Thanks again to Dawson Scholz for coming on the show and making it two great visits! Maybe there's a third in the works...

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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