Welcome to you and all the Horror Crew, as Ian Hates Music has very special guest Allan "Jeremy Thirteenth" Cotterill from Snow White's Poison Bite (SWPB)! All the way from Finland, Allan talks the previous SWPB albums and teases the new album! By the end of the conversation, you're going to be as excited as Ian is for the next SWPB album (and that's saying something)! For the time while you're waiting for the new album, make sure to check out everything SWBP at the links below:





Spread the word! After the conversation with Allan, Ian, Ty, and Jackson continue the scene talk with news from A Day To Remember, Attila, Artifex Pereo, and more! Reviews of the new Amity Affliction and Sianvar albums! Plus more tangents, Breakdown From The Past, and what do you think? Even more!

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Long days and pleasant nights.