Welcome to a very special edition of Ian Hates Music! On this episode, Ian had the opportunity to speak with Steven Juliano, the founder and vocalist for I Am Ghost! If you've ever listened to the show before, you know that Ian is a huge fan and he has Lovers' Requiem as one of his favorite albums of all time! Steven recently announced that I Am Ghost will be reuniting for a show and he's also working on his first novel Lovers & Kings! Check out the links below to keep up with everything Steven is doing from music to graphic design to the new novel:







Just a warning that Ian gets "fanboy" towards the end of the interview, haha. He tried his best, but it's bound to happen! Ian also chose two of his favorite songs for the show; The Most Beautiful Nightmare: Part 2 and This Is Home! For the rest of the show, the guys go over more news, reviews, and the "famous" From First to Last segment! Have they contacted Ian Hates Music yet? Tune it to find out! Don't forget to review/subscribe/share on iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play Music or any of your favorite podcast listening apps! 

Long days and pleasant nights.