Young Medicine are the special guests for Ian Hates Music this week! Bret (Vocals/Keyboard/Keytar!) and Peter (Bass) join Ian and Craig to talk about how they got started as a band, where their unique style of music comes from, and even some video game and anime talk (and more)! As we mention during the interview, it was a lot of fun speaking with the guys and we know you'll enjoy it as much as we did. You should all check out their music/tours/and everything in-between using these links:

Get ready for your daily dose of Young Medicine...that's not really their tag-line, but if you listen to the interview, you'll know that's a nice inside joke. But that's not all. Before the interview this week, Craig and Ian go over news in the scene and Ian reviews his experience at The Used two night anniversary tour. Not to mention their new segment! Listen in and listen up!

Long days and pleasant nights.