Ian Hates Music is back with another fantastic episode! This week, Ian and Craig had the privilege of speaking with Joshua Canode of Convictions! It's a really exciting time for Convictions because not only are they out on tour, but their new album I Will Become, comes out on April 29th! The guys discussed Josh's start in music, how Convictions came to be, a crazy tour story, and even Pizza Hut, plus much more! C'mon, I know Ian Hates can finally get that sweet Pizza Hut sponsorship money! Haha. But seriously, the interview is great and you should be checking out everything Convictions has to offer. You can do so right here:






Make sure to per-order the new album I Will Become and/or pick it up on April 29th! After the interview, Ian and Craig follow up on the SLAVES break up and the fan who was kicked off the stage by The Story So Far, plus much more in recommendations! 

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Long days and pleasant nights.