Ian and Jackson are back like John Wick with your weekly podcast/show dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, screamo, emo, nu-metal, electronicore, pop-punk, and deathcore!

Ian and Jackson are all ready for this new, weekly, FREE (always) episode of Ian Hates Music! They've got news from:

Brendon Urie, Islander, The Word Alive, Corey Taylor hates the Grammys, and Jonny Craig of SLAVES.

New Songs from:

Blessthefall (not really), The Dead Rabbitts, Within The Ruins, Stolas, A Wake in Providence, Forget Tomorrow, While She Sleeps, Marcus Bridge, Our Last Night, and Bloodywood!

And album reviews from:

  • Born of Osiris - The Eternal Reign - Sumerian Records

  • Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence - Nuclear Blast Records

  • We Are Triumphant - GOT YOU COVERED VOL. 1

  • Death Therapy - The Storm Before The Calm - Solid State Records

  • Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy - Mixed Messages EP - All-Core Records

Plus, Breakdown From The Past, and so much more!

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Long days and pleasant nights.