Are you ready to talk music WITH THE SCENE? Oh wait, you thought Ian and Jackson host Ian Hates Music? Well you're right, but you forgot one important thing...


Hopefully you got a good laugh outta that one! Ian and Jackson are back to talk all the scene news you can handle! In this brand new (always FREE) episode of Ian Hates Music, the guys talk news from Memphis May Fire, NFG, and Code Orange. Plus, tons of new music from Dead By April, Ghost Key, MIW, and Fit For An Autopsy! And, don't forget about Breakdown From The Past, debates on mosh pits and Emmure, and album reviews! 

  • Betraying the Martyrs - The Resilient - Sumerian Records
  • The Northern - Solstice - Tragic Hero Records
  • Dangerkids - The Blacklist_ - Paid Vacation Records
  • Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights - SO Recordings
  • JT Woodruff - Lonesome - InVogue Records
  • Wars - We Are Islands, After All - Spinefarm Records
  • Curses - Chapter 1: Introspect - Imminence Records

And you know there's tons more AND great announcements coming up for Ian Hates Music Conversation Edition!

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Long days and pleasant nights.