You read that right...again! Welcome to Part 2 of the Ian Hates Music Anniversary Show! Ian and Jackson have so much more in store for you in this part, you just need to start listening now! In this episode, the guys continue to talk about the scene and there are a few surprises they think you'll like! Plus album reviews:

  • Chasing Safety - NOMAD - Outerloop Records
  • Gone Is Gone - Echolocation - Rise Records
  • Ice Nine Kills - Safe Is Just A Shadow (Re-Recorded) - Outerloop Records

Then, Ian and Jackson have a guest for Breakdown From The Past and really, so much more!

You're going to love it...again!

Lately, there will be a question in a couple of weeks based on this episode. If you get the question right, there will be a prize! So pay attention! (Hint: it has to do with a band...)

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Long days and pleasant nights.