Welcome everyone to another packed episode of Ian Hates Music! Ian, Jackson, and Ty have more scene talk with all the news and new songs you can handle! They go over more Asking Alexandria news, The Word Alive losing a member, Attila stealing riffs?, The Simpson's inspired metal band, concert reviews, and so much more! And, don't forget all the album reviews:

  • Atilla - Chaos - SharpTone Records
  • Waterparks - Double Dare - Equal Vision Records
  • Wolves at the gate - Types & Shadows - Solid State Records
  • Speak the Truth...Even If Your Voice Shakes - Self-titled EP - Bad Timing Records
  • In Her Own Words - Unfamiliar - InVogue Records
  • To Fear The Fall - Deconstructed EP - Unsigned

Then there's also listener submitted Breakdown From The Past and really, a ton more! Don't forget about the conversation Ian had with Kimberly and Jason of One-Eyed Doll too! More announcements coming soon.

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P.S. - Ty apologizes profusely for his terrible mic that makes it sound like he's eating and breathing life into someone throughout the entire show. Unfortunately a lot had to be taken out of the show because of this. Please do not hold this episode to the normal high quality of the show. Also, don't forget that Ty has a great music blog! Check it out here:


And, Jackson needs attention, so make sure to tweet him about how great Twenty One Pilots are @ https://twitter.com/JacksitoAguile1

Long days and pleasant nights.