The Core is back! That's right, and the nickname is sticking! Haha.

Anyway, Ty, Jackson, and Ian tackle more news topics including what the front man of Atreyu said about the state of metalcore, what the lead singer of Cute Is What We Aim For said about "rape culture", Pantera and the confederate flag, and much, much more.

And, don't forget about the album reviews! It's a big week so you need to get started now!

  • Artifex Pereo - Passengers - Tooth & Nail
  • Norma Jean - Polar Similar - Solid State
  • Of Mice & Men - Cold World - Rise
  • Breakdown of Sanity - Coexistence - Self Released
  • This Wild Life - Low Tides - Epitaph
  • Anthony Green - Pixie Queen
  • Exalt - The Shape You Took Before The Ache - New Damage Records (World Wide) and Good Fight Music (USA)

Guess what, that's no where near all! Listen in for so much more and a lot of fun exploring the scene the guys love so much!

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Long days and pleasant nights.