Hopefully, not another crazy-long episode of Ian Hates Music…or is it…

Get ready for your best weekly dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, hardcore, electronicore, emo, screamo, rock, alternative, pop-punk, punk, easycore, deathcore, nu-metal, and really, all the core you could ever want!

It's another FUCKING GREAT, FUCKING FREE (NSFW) episode of Ian Hates Music you say?!?! That's right! Ian and James talk your scene news from:

Avenged Sevenfold (kinda), While She Sleeps, Randy Blythe and that shitty church, Scarlett O’Hara, and August Burns Red!

And New Songs talk from:

Defeater, Ringworm, Lowlife, Chokehold, Betraying the Martyrs, Good Tiger, Andy Black, Death Therapy, Heartist, and My Immortal Enemy!

Add on album reviews from:

  • Holding Absence - Holding Absence - SharpTone Records

  • Children of Bodom - Hexed - Nuclear Blast Records

  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Songs For the Firing Squad - Pure Noise Records

  • Zebrahead - Brain Invaders - MFZB/Rude Records

  • Black Coast - Ill Minds Vol. 2 - EP - Primordial Records

  • Savage After Midnight - 11:59 - EP - Red Music/Sony Music Entertainment

  • Youth Fountain - Letters to Our Former Selves - Pure Noise Records

  • Our Last Night - Let Light Overcome - EP - Independent Release

Plus, stuff and/or things and maybe some more!

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