Let's apologize up front...no, not for last week's show, that was genius! No, no, for Ian and Dave being sick again. This winter will never end! But, don't worry about that, Ian and Dave soldier through. And, you'll be excited about this, there's a new segment on the show called Lindsey Quit Lollygagging! Make sure to let Ian, Dave, and Lindsey know how it went. Follow Lindsey on all major social media platforms @lindzzzfaith!

But aside from that, get ready for your best weekly dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, hardcore, electronicore, emo, screamo, rock, alternative, pop-punk, punk, easycore, deathcore, and really, all the core you could ever want!

It's another FUCKING GREAT, FUCKING FREE (NSFW) episode of Ian Hates Music you say?!?! That's right! Ian and Dave talk your scene news from:

Code Orange and Of Mice & Men go to war, Andrew Tkacyk of The Ghost Inside is working on a new side-project EP, Warped Tour, and looks like CDs are becoming a thing of the past...

And New Songs from:

Geyhaven, nothing nowhere, Stone Temple Pilots, Senses Fail, Happy Hour, Friday Giants, Light The Torch, The Plot in You, Alesana, The Hunting Circus, Boys of Fall, Fozmo, American Avenue featuring Joey Varela of VRSTY, The Secret Destroyers, Eyes Set To Kill, Cross Your Fingers featuring Fronz, Code Orange, and Paul Bartolome featuring friend of the show JT Tollas!

Add on album reviews from:

  • Don Broco - Technology - Sharptone Records

  • Rivals - Damned Soul - Smartpunk Records

  • Amor - Love vs. Logic - Arising Empire Records


Plus, In Loving Memory, a LINDSEY QUIT LOLLYGAGGING, Ian's voice goes in and out from too much talking and being sick, and much more!

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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