Ian and Dave aren't out of the woods yet it seems. This sickness still has a hold on them, but they're trudging through for you! Lots to talk about in the scene, but they're not going to talk about that youtuber guy...yet. They would, but it would be better when they have the ability to fully go into everything they'd like to. It's a huge discussion. So, the time was put aside to do it, but now is not the right time with how they're feeling. That's why the episode is shorter this week!

And just a word of help on that topic, if you're dealing with depression or anything that may lead you to contemplate suicide or even act on it, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

But aside from that, get ready for your best weekly dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, hardcore, electronicore, emo, screamo, rock, alternative, pop-punk, punk, easycore, deathcore, and really, all the core you could ever want!

It's another FUCKING GREAT, FUCKING SICK, FUCKING FREE (NSFW) episode of Ian Hates Music you say?!?! That's right! Ian and Dave talk your scene news from:

Bands and magazines starting podcasts, Gibson and Funko Pops, people taking pictures at the Misfits' show, Asking Alexandria on the Billboard chart, and that YouTube guy and suicide (not a full talk though)

And New Songs from:

A Perfect Circle and QuietKind (still not getting as many new tracks! AAAArrrrrggghhhh!)...

Add on album reviews from:

  • The Animal in Me - Helping Won’t Help - Independent Release

  • The Beautiful Exchange - Not As Dead As We Used to Be - Self-Release

  • Nik Nocturnal - Undying Shadow - Independent Release


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Long days and pleasant nights.

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