This episode is going to be tough for people that like bad music. Ian and Dave talk about some GREAT music too, but also delve into some of the worst albums of 2017 (albums not pictured in the promos). Can you guess right now which ones they are? I'll give you a hint. One rhymes with Sleeping With Sirens...

Get ready for your best weekly dose of metalcore, post-hardcore, metal, hardcore, electronicore, emo, screamo, rock, alternative, pop-punk, punk, easycore, deathcore, and really, all the core you could ever want!

Another FUCKING GREAT, FUCKING FREE episode of Ian Hates Music you say?!?! That's right! Ian and Dave talk your scene news from:

Foo Fighters, Max Bemis of Say Anything, Jonny Craig and Jonny Craig stuff..., Chester Bennington tribute show, Major band issues...

And New Songs from:

Limbs, Wolf & Bear, Vespera, All Pigs Must Die, Jynx, The Black Dahlia Murder, 10 Years, Citizen, Too Close To Touch, Marilyn Manson, Axis, Asking Alexandria, The Dirty Youth, Winds of Plague, Phinehas, and newhaven!

Add on album reviews from:

  • Circa Survive - The Amulet - Hopeless Records

  • Cradle of Filth - Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness of Decay - Nuclear Blast Records

  • Enter Shikari - The Spark - Ambush Reality

  • Frank Iero and the Patience - Keep the Coffins Coming EP - Staple Records

  • Kory Stuhler - The Things We Learn As We Grow Old EP - Independent Release

  • Mastodon - Cold Dark Place EP - Warner Bros. Records

  • Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip - Warner Bros. Records

  • The Eulogy - Last Days EP - Bridge Nine Records

  • The Movielife - Cities In Search of a Heart - Rise Records

  • Counterparts - You’re Not You Anymore - Pure Noise Records

  • One-Eyed Doll - Something Wicked EP - Nebulost Records

Plus, Breakdown From The Past, a concert review, and...some stuff and/or Ian is still recovering from oral surgery and listening to Sleeping With Sirens...

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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