This is not a typical Ian Hates Music. In fact, it's probably more along the lines of an Ian Hates Conversations. This time though, it's Ian and Jackson having an open and honest conversation on Chester Bennington passing away last week. Mostly it's about suicide prevention, depression, freedom of speech, blame, and everything in between. The title of this episode is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number 1-800-273-TALK. 

Ian and Jackson wanted to have a free-flowing conversation and not write a long status update or put out knee-jerk reactions through Twitter. They have mics, why not use them? No sound effects, no intro, no music. Real talk for anyone who wants to listen.

If you're depressed, want to hurt yourself, or you're suicidal, please speak to someone. It's extremely important. If anything comes out of this, please let it be that.

Linkin Park put together a website to help people with quick and easy info to seek help. You can also share your stories and memories using #RIPCHESTER, so that link is listed first below because it also has contact information for other places to help:

Once again, if you, or someone else you know, needs help, please reach out to one of these facilities and try something different. It could help, and that's not weakness, it's strength.

Ian Hates Music wishes the best for Chester's family, friends, and everyone touched by his music.

Long days and pleasant nights.