On another special Ian Hates Music Conversation Edition, Elliot Lowe (vocals) and Brian Wynn (guitar) of Hejira join Ian to talk their new album The Sentinel! Of course they talk about a ton more, but The Sentinel is such a great album you need to hear about it! Ian won't give it all away here so tune in! Also, this episode was done live on Periscope! For all things Hejira, check out the links below:





And pick up The Sentinel on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all the rest! Support Hejira! They deserve it (as you know)!

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P.S. - Ian has a major ear issue throughout the conversation with Hejira and while editing and recording. Just in case the quality is different in this episode, but he wouldn't know because of the ear issue, haha. Also, this episode is the same as the Periscope feed, but the Skype issues were minimized through editing and Hejira songs were added with an intro and outro.

Long days and pleasant nights.