It’s 2019 and what better way to start the year than with an absolute legend in the business? On this episode of Ian Hates Conversations: Music Edition, Ian welcomes the great Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the band Doyle to the show!

It’s been quite a year for Doyle as he’s currently finishing up a 75 date leg of the ‘AS WE DIE Abomination Tour’, and that’s only part of the full tour! In 2013, Doyle put out their debut album ‘Abominator’ and recently in 2017, Doyle put out their sophomore album ‘Doyle II: As We Die’. Since then, Doyle has been touring nonstop.

Ian got the opportunity to catch up with the ex-Misfits legendary guitarist on a conference number before a recent show, so it’s shorter than a “normal” Ian Hates interview, but Doyle opens up to Ian about being on tour, the pitfalls of the music industry and streaming services, American concert-goers not living up to the hype, and a lot more!

Just like with his music, Doyle doesn’t hold back and you need to hear what he has to say. If you’re a Misfits fan and/or a horror metal/horror punk fan and you don’t know the band Doyle, get on it because you’re missing out!

Getting to speak, even for a short while, with someone like Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is something Ian won’t soon forget. He doesn’t throw the word “legend” around lightly and that’s what Doyle is, a legend.

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Huge thanks to Doyle for taking time out of his busy schedule to come on the show. He’s extremely busy on the massive ‘AS WE DIE World Abomination Tour’, so make sure you look up his dates and go support him live! Show Doyle that Americans can bring it at live shows and buy some merch while you’re at it!

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Long days and pleasant nights.

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