Ian and Craig have another great show for you. This time, they welcome special guest Jason Selvaggio from the bands The Best of the Worst and County Drop! He talks about his life in music as well as his label Choke Artist and his blog Gear Metropolis plus more. Find links to all of his projects below:

The Best of the Worst - https://thebestoftheworst.bandcamp.com/

County Drop - http://countydrop.bandcamp.com/

Choke Artist - http://www.chokeartistnj.com/

Gear Metropolis - http://www.gearmetropolis.com/

Also, we play a new song from the new A War Within (@awarwithinmusic) album coming out on March 8th. Go to www.awwmusic.com to pre-order the new album Believe and find music and other merchandise! A War Within is currently on the Drop The Gloves Tour with Blessthefall and Miss May I. We'll be premiering more new music from A War Within in the weeks to come!