This is not only Part 1 of the new IT movie in 2017 (Part 2 coming in 2019), it's also Part 1 for Ian Hates Movies talking Stephen King's IT! In th episode, Ian and Kelly talk about IT and the miniseries from the 90's!    

If you haven't seen IT yet, I'd be surprised. It killed (like that?) box office expectations and murdered (get it?) a bunch of box office records. Ian and Kelly dive deep into the new movie and the made for TV miniseries. There will be no book spoilers in this episode! Keep that in mind.

Like I mentioned before this is Part 1 because there's going to be another all-new Ian Hates Movies on IT with Grey Sorenson of the band Charlatan for Part 2! In this episode, Ian and Grey will talk the new movie and the miniseries compared to the book! Stay tuned for Part 2!

Until then, let's get to Part 1 of Ian Hates Movies! 

P.S. - Please forgive Ian once again. He just had oral surgery and recovery is on-going. 

Does Ian Hate IT...

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