Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! FLYING V!!!!!

That could only mean one thing...Hello all and welcome to the Ian Hates Movies summer movie series! What's that dumb, cliche saying...when the Kelly is away the boys will play...that's just dumb, forget that, haha. You know it's going to be good though when Ian invites 90's nostalgia expert blogger Tristan, to join Ian Hates Movies to talk The Mighty Ducks Trilogy (if you didn't get that from the quacks already)! That's right everyone, D1, D2, AND D3...but they mostly focus on D2 (the best one), but don't fret, they hit on everything else too so never you worry!

Ducks fly together! Ok, enough, save it for the show! Does Ian Hate The Mighty Ducks Trilogy...

It's a little ironic that on a show where Kelly is gone, Ian does the first and only Disney movie on Ian Hates Movies! You can make fun of her when she gets back! 

Tristan has a 90's nostalgia blog he'd like you to check out! It's located here:


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Long days and pleasant nights.

And Because she's one of Ian's first loves...