Apocalypse is upon us! Is it because of zombies? Nope. Your worst presidential candidate got the nod? Nope. Oh I know...it's because of a terrible movie! Righty-O it is! If you haven't guessed it already, Ian and Kelly are talking X-Men: Apocalypse! That's now the 6th X-Men movie in the franchise and this one is almost the worst! That's really saying something (and Ian and Kelly are not counting the Wolverine movies...). Still better than batman v. superman at least! Ian and Kelly make the best of it though. Tangents that include Dragonball Z and a debate about Rose McGowan's feeling on marketing are all included! It's just too bad that Professor X didn't read Apocalypse's mind and find out if their mother's names were the same...that could have saved some major incidents and probably millions of lives!

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Does Ian Hate X-Men: Apocalypse...