This brings everything full circle with Fifty Shades of Grey. Grey, was one of the first written reviews that Ian Hates ever did. But, this episode certainly isn't a rehash of old material!

The original plan for the Ian Hates Movies Valentine's Day Special, was to talk Fifty Shades Darker. But, the massive snow storm in the northeast ruined those plans...much like many a Valentine's Day plan! Am I right? Am I right?

So, Kelly watched Fifty Shades of Grey AGAIN! Crazy right? And she brings her unique perspective to the topics covered in this terrible, but pretty humorous movie! You're going to enjoy all the personal stories and resulting comedy that comes from this NSFW episode of Ian Hates Movies!

Does Ian Hate Fifty Shades of Grey... 

Welcome to the comedy show!

P.S. - Ian apologizes for how his voice reacts to the cold and snow sometimes. Hopefully it'll be all better soon!

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Long days and pleasant nights.