Hello to all the Haters out there.

This is Ty speaking. Just wanted to get it out there before people get confused and start having panic attacks and questions coming in left and right. As of lately, I have decided to step down from being 1/3 of The Core on Ian Hates Music. The decision has been thought of for quite some time and me along with the brothers, that being Ian and Coldplay and Twenty One Pilots fanboy Jackson, have discussed it and they respect my decision and are going to continue on providing you with good quality shows and interviews you all have grown to love. And no, we don't hate each other. It's all family here at Ian Hates and I wish Ian and Jackson nothing but the best and hopefully we all can grow as we move along and you all are welcome with open arms to grow with us all. BUT, me stepping down from the Core isn't the end for me. As far as me and the guys are concerned, I am still a part of the family and I will be continuing The Ty_RockCity Music/Entertainment Blog and hopefully my writings will make it on the website for your reading pleasure in the next coming weeks. Also, I'm welcoming hater/listener questions so I can answer them on the website as well. So keep supporting Ian Hates and myself, keep listening, keep subscribing, and I'll be in touch with you all soon.

Expect nothing less, hardcore lives, nothing but the best and vice versa,