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Ian Hates Music #72 - Make War

Ian Hates Music #72 - Make War

Ian Hates Music...WE ARE THE SCENE! (you'll get it when you listen, haha)

2017 is already infinitely better than 2016 could ever be. A Cubs world series (who even gives a shit about baseball) could never hold a candle to a new From First To Last track with Sonny Moore! On top of talking From First To Last (of course), Ian and Jackson talk all the scene news including Attila, Slipknot, and more! Plus new album reviews for:

  • Code Orange - Forever - Roadrunner Records
  • From Inside - The New Era EP - Unsigned
  • Malcolm Rivers - Karmageddon - Redfield Digital & Timezone Records
  • Ocean Sleeper - Six Feet Down EP - Unsigned

Not to mention Breakdown From The Past and, you know, a ton more of course!

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