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Ian Hates Music #74 - New Obsession

Ian Hates Music #74 - New Obsession


Thought that was going away didn't ya? No fucking way! Haha. Ian and Jackson are back this week to go over all the news in The Scene, including stories from Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, and a debate on using your words compared to your fists! 

Plus, new music from Falling In Reverse, Slaves, The Dead Rabbitts, Backwordz, and even more than that!

Tour reviews, Breakdown From The Past, and awesome reviews for:

  • Vesta Collide - New Obsession - Stay Sick Recordings
  • AFI - Self-Titled - Concord Records
  • As It Is - Okay - Fearless Records
  • Palisades - Self-Titled - Rise Records
  • WSTR - Red, Green, Or Inbetween - No Sleep Records
  • The Mantle - The Mantle - Self-Released

Another killer show this week. You're not going to want to miss it!

Also, Ian's conversation with Al Boltz of A Scent Like Wolves went up earlier in the week! Check it out here:

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Long days and pleasant nights.