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5606 - Eric "Venom" Ventimiglia and Alex Tran - Ian Hates Music #213

5606 - Eric "Venom" Ventimiglia and Alex Tran - Ian Hates Music #213

Pop-punk vets Eric “Venom Ventimiglia and Alex Tran join Ian on a brand new Ian Hates Conversations: Music Edition!

Ready for some fun from the Bay Area? Lead vocalist and guitarist Eric of 5606 joins Ian first, to talk about everything going on with him and 5606. For one thing, they’re coming up on 20 years as a band! Then, drummer Alex joins in and they all deep dive into the new single ‘Ride Along’, more about 5606, the guys, and plans for the future!


Make sure to support Eric, Alex, and 5606, by following the links below:

Big thanks to Eric and Alex for taking the time to come on the show. Make sure to keep an ear out for more singles coming soon, the earliest most likely in January, and don’t forget about the West Coast tour in May!

We have a different generation of listeners, they wanna love one song and then fall in love with the next
— Alex
You can only be punk-rock as much as you can until it’s time to pay the bills
— Eric

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