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Tigerwine - Hayden Trobee - Ian Hates Music #89

Tigerwine - Hayden Trobee - Ian Hates Music #89

Hayden Trobee, the vocalist and guitarist for Tigerwine, joins Ian on Ian Hates Music Conversation Edition to talk the brand new album 'Die With Your Tongue Out' coming Friday, April 14th, through Blood & Ink Records!

Hayden talks everything Tigerwine and a ton more on this episode! You're just going to have to listen because Ian's laughing through most of it! Great conversation all around.

Follow the links below to support Hayden and Tigerwine!

Thanks to Hayden for taking the time to come on the show! 'Die With Your Tongue Out' is a great album, so make sure to pre-order your copy, pick it up first week, and check out their tour dates to catch them live on the upcoming tour with Daiseyhead and Northbound!

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Ian Hates Music Episode #16 (Household)

Ian Hates Music Episode #16 (Household)

Ian Hates Music is back with another special guest! This time, we're very excited to be speaking with Joshua Gilbert from Household! This is a great interview where Josh talks Household's past and what's possible in the future for the band. He even talks podcasts with us. Make sure to catch everything Household is up to here:

And, don't forget about the music!

You can also find their music on YouTube as HouseholdMusic!

After the talk, Ian Hates continues on with news from the scene and some more music recommendations. Don't forget to subscribe/like/share on iTunes, Stitcher, and/or your favorite podcast listening device! Just search for Ian Hates!

Long days and pleasant nights.