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Ian Hates Music #236 - The Kids from Yesterday

Ian Hates Music #236 - The Kids from Yesterday

Ian Hates Music has been on hiatus for a while now, but Ian missed talking with his buddies in the scene, SO, FOR THE FIRST TIME, Ian Hates presents Jackson, Dave, James, and Ian…ON THE SAME SHOW!

You read that correctly, it’s also Dave’s dream show as the guys go live, uncensored, and unedited to discuss (and make fun of) their lives and of course, THE SCENE!

Note: just remember, the guys are spread out from MA, to PA, to OH, to Texas, so there’s going to be some internet issues from time to time. It’s only 2019…

Double Note: Sorry we’ve been gone for so long and that because of that, you’ve had to listen to inferior shows that have tried to copy us from the beginning. If you want more shows, let us know!

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Plus Jackson has a YouTube as well - Check it out!

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